Press & Testimonials

The following are comments from previous students.
I thoroughly enjoyed the two day course we did with Zita. We were looking for something different to do with the grandkids and this was an absolutely delightful way to share a memorable experience. The children loved taking their carvings home to mum and dad.

- Janet, 2017
I took the kids for the two day course in April, we all had such a great time. My kids picked up the tricks faster than me! They were in their element.

- Marc, 2017
I've been going to Zita's classes for a about a month and I've already carved a beautiful sign for my house and currently starting a sculpture for my husband's birthday. I thoroughly recommend trying out woodcarving. It's just nice to be able to make something for my husband for a change while also learning a new skill.

- Linda, 2016
Zita is an eccentric and excellent teacher. Her classes are fun and you can make something beautiful. Also there's always tea and biscuits!

- Lucy, 2016
I liked that I could carve whatever I wanted! I carved my dog Barney.

- Noah (8), 2016