About the School

The Schoodio of Ryedale
image Welcome to The Schoodio of Ryedale! An art school designed to help you stretch your imagination in a fun and creative environment.

"Schoodio" stands for school and studio, where your interest in the timeless tradition of woodcarving and a desire to learn new skills are brought to reality with the help of our fun and professional artist instructors. Apart from regular, traditional carving courses, the Schoodio also offers possibilities for art & craft collaborations and participatory creative processes.

We are a small and innovative carving school in the heart of Ryedale surrounded by the captivating countryside of the North York Moors National Park. The school itself is located in the picturesque village of Marton, just outside of the art hub of Pickering. This close proximity to nature aims to inspire nature-related art & craft projects, both individually and at community level. Come and immerse yourself in astonishing views and quaint cottages. Find inspiration in the gentle flow of the rivers, the song of the birds and colours of the sunsets.

The Schoodio has been undergoing renovation and is planned to be opened to the public by Spring 2020. We will then be offering regular weekly woodcarving classes to people of all ages and skill levels, not to mention family classes for a chance to share the fun. Please check out Our Classes. The Schoodio will also offer special courses, at which, all course participants may jointly create one ambitious art & craft work. These events may be organised as regular meetups or one-off charitable events. These events can also be children's parties or adult parties. Please don't hesitate to ask!

The Schoodio will operate an open-door policy with a friendly cast iron kettle (fondly called Mu) on a woodburning stove to welcome anyone who calls by, with free tea and coffee. There will also be a non-commercial display area that may be used for displaying art & craft pieces created by the course participants at the Schoodio.

In the long term, the Schoodio intends to accommodate research in the field of participatory art & craft and become a study-hub for participatory art & craft projects in North Yorkshire.

Please contact Zíta for more information and we welcome any enquiries: info.zitara@gmail.com or call on 07792577749.